We think Beauty School Alliance is the most exciting recent development in the salon and spa industry.

Co-Founders Eden and Elan Sassoon

Yearly Subscription

Beauty School Alliance is a group of beauty schools committed to elevating the status of their graduates. Beauty School Alliance members require their students to be free members of SalonMatchmakers.com, helping to bring the recruitment for salons/spas job seekers into one centralized marketplace, and helping to visually connect the entire industry.

SalonMatchmakers.com offers students a platform to finding many jobs to select from and provides better opportunities for students to make better job choices.

Beauty School Alliance offers school members all of these benefits:

Offers students better job recruitment

Offers students an online resume builder so they easily put together their resumes online

Offers schools the ability to monitor their job placement success rates of students

Offers schools the ability to post job openings for instructors

Offers instructors the ability to search and contact beauty school members

Arranges celebrity guest speaker visits

If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact us